Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Armour Center Sound Recording Trip : The Plan

Well it looked like I wasn't going to be able to make it on this trip, due to being utterly skint ... but thanks to all the kind contributions from team and community ... I WILL BE THERE ! So a huge thank you to all the folks who put hands in pockets ... as it will allow us to fill out the equipment list as well, so we aren't trying to record things with tin can and string ....

So what does this all entail, where are we going ... and what's it all about ?

Well thanks to [R-DEV]UK_Force, and the Armour Center in Bovington UK, 5 sound engineers from the Project Reality Team are going to be descending on the center for a week from Sunday 18th to Saturday 24th of July 2010 .... to record the vehicles of the UK Armoured Corps in action.

One major goal of the Project Reality Team, under the guidance of [R-DEV] UK_Force, has been to implement a complete British Faction, including soldier classes, voiceovers, weaponry, vehicles and systems … all created to a high standard with emphasis on authenticity, and to bring this experience to an enthusiastic community and player base.

This recording session brings that goal one step closer.

The team is as follows

  • [R-DEV] UK_Force - Management
  • [R-DEV] Jaymz - Producer
  • [R-DEV] Twisted Helix - Lead Sound Engineer and Technical Director
  • [R-DEV] Sofad - Stationary Recordist and Postproduction
  • Tom - Mobile Recordist
  • [R-DEV] Drav - Assistant Engineer
and the vehicle list is as follows

  • BULLDOG (Upgraded 432 Variant)
  • AS90
  • MLRS
  • QUAD
And besides recording basic engine and vehicle sounds, we will also be spending two days on the ranges .... capturing live firing ... of the CR2 L30A1, Browning .50 cal , Coaxial 7.62 mm L94A1 EX-34 (chain gun), Scimitar/Warrior Rarden 30mm Cannon and the L7A2 GPMG. And anything else we can get our hands on.

So its going to be a busy week ! And after that ... the days , probably weeks of sifting through the hours of material and editing it for production.

However, apart from being a Sound Engineer's wet dream ... this opportunity represents breaking new ground ... there simply have not been recordings like this done before ... information on what do is almost non existent, we do not know how the mics are going to hold up to the SPL levels of 120mm HE ammunition ... this is truly a pioneering effort.

So ... stay tuned, and hear what happens each day, as we hope to blog each evening (time permitting) on the days activities. Its going to be one hell of a lot of hard work, but one hell of a lot of fun !

[R-DEV] Twisted Helix

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