Sunday, 25 July 2010

Job Done ...........

7 Days earlier, the team where working their way down to Bovington via Train, plane and automobile, and now they are all back home, having completed what was an epic Project.

It seems like yesterday I picked them up and got them settled into the Camp, and here I am now sat at home working on our next future project !!

I think I can honestly say on behalf of all the team, true freindships where formed during the week, and a "Team" was formed, that worked together incredibly well throughout the week.

I will miss the irish tones of Jaymz on his Megaphone "This is the Warthog start/stop/idle ....action"
I am sure over the coming days the team will be blogging a large summary of their experiences during the time they where here, and I am sure they will be an interesting read for you all.

I am incredibly proud of our team, and always knew things like this would happen, we have created the perfect starting block now for, and I am sure you will see a lot more of this in the future.
My thanks to everyone I worked with during the week, with a special mention to Stu Paterson @ Lulworth, [R-DEV]strima, our own MA, and driver at Warminster, all the Civilian Drivers at Bovington, Stan up at LTF, Mark Lacey from BIA who entertained us all with VBS2 on Thursday evening and all my other "contacts" that I worked with to set this up.
So for me, my final Blog - but for the team still more Blogs to come, so stay tuned in for some great stories.

Thanks to everyone who followed the blogs, and also to the whole of the PR Community who continue to inspire us as a team.


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  1. I have said it a couple of times now and will say it again, you have done an amazing job, Craig! Organising this as you have done is seriously a well done job, hats off!

    Glad and "heartwarming" to read the team did so well together, that digital friendships became something -real-. I guess Project Reality doesn't just count for realism on the battlefield! ;)

    Hats off to you all, I look forward to the result of this undertaking. And I look forward to seeing more similar projects, in various countries we represent in PR.

    With awesome regards,

    Mark (AfterDune)