Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Well hi there folks, a late blog but we have not had time nor internet access til now. Just a quick one , as internet explorer just erased my last effort all because I pressed the back button.

We arrived on sunday, got shown about and got ourselves settled in. Monday we met Mark Lacey, senior artist for BIA, who came down specially from Mars to greet us (well he had other business on Earth, but he will be gracing us with his extra terrestrial presence for the week ... see photo). A nice friendly guy, who is a mine of information on all things VBS and Arma. Infact everyone here has been incredibly friendly, especially our drivers.
On monday we recorded the Warrior and Warthog driven by Ryan, and the Scimitar and Panther driven Duane. On Tuesday we set up on the CR2 ranges to record the Challenger, but unfortunately the mist came in and they couldn't see the targets ... so that was that, and we headed back to base to record the Bulldog driven by Barry Rose (aka Sir Rose), the Trojan (which had us all wetting ourselves at this 1800 hp MONSTER) driven byPhill, and a Landrover driven by our very own [R-DEV]UK_Force, who has treated us like Royalty while we are here. Sorting out no end of red tape, and showing us round the local area and history. Stuart Paterson has also been with us a lot and taken us under his wing tonight to show us the army simulators (we will let you know about that later).
And we would all like to send a big happy birthday to Mick, who lent us a Zoom recorder ... which has litterally proved invaluable so far, in allowing us to get recordings in tight and constricted spaces.
Anyway running out of time ... so its bye for now.
[R-DEV] Twisted Helix

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