Monday, 26 July 2010

This is it...

  • 5 Days
  • 50 hours
  • 6 Developer + Tom + Mark from BIA
  • countless helpers and door openers (stu, thnx alot again, mate ;) )
  • 10 different Microphones
  • 120 meter Mic leads
  • several meters of Power extension leads
  • 1 Bench + 2 Chairs
  • lots of tubes of suncream
  • 6 Traffic cones
  • 5 Mic Stands
  • several cycling Helicopters
  • a barking dog
  • 1 Van
  • 20 Vehicles
  • 80 GB of recorded Data
  • .....lots of fun! :)

  • Sunday, 18th

    [R-DEV]Jaymz and me arriving at Wool Trainstatation

    [R-DEV]Drav, Tom, [R-DEV]Twisted Helix, [R-DEV]UK_Force, [R-DEV]Jaymz visiting the recording location

    Monday, 19th

    Tom, [R-DEV]UK_Force, [R-DEV]Jaymz, Mark Lacey from BIA, [R-DEV]Drav after building up the recording installation

    [R-DEV]Jaymz, Mark Lacey, [R-DEV]Drav, [R-DEV]UK_Force waiting for the first vehicle...

    ... the FV510 Warrior (all videos can be viewed in HD! :) )

    the scottish pikeman :)

    spending the evening at the sgt. mess

    Thuesday, 20th

    Drav at the lookout

    and here they come

    all those clouds at the hill in the background are responsible for some wasted hours..

    my setup up the range for the ambient recording that never happend this day ;)

    the two challys waiting for the clouds to push along. the white dot in the middle is our van with the crew setting the mic´s up for the planned close up recording, 1km down the range.

    the FV432 is beeing captured

    recording the FV432 on a ride

    the Trojan is a real monster!

    [R-DEV]Twisted Helix and his very helpful mobile recorder

    [R-DEV]Jaymz is waiting for the background noise to die away

    the mighty two mobile recordists sitting on top of the monster

    highlight of the day: the nightfiring exercise
    those youtube vids seem to be darker then the original recording, whyever...

    Wednesday, 21th

    stu, drav, jaymz, uk_force, tom, twisted and mark discussing the setup down the range

    my setup again for the next try.. ;)

    the two Challenger 2 waiting up the range with the generator engine running

    setup for the CR2 engine recording

    uk_force is staying on the hatches to keep them closed for the right internal sound :)

    call Mulder and Scully, ive found a rubber circle...

    the devs visiting Lullworth cove

    beautiful place...

    ...also in a panorama picture

    stu gave us the opportunity to record all the quieter parts of the chally at Lullworth Camp in almost perfect silence, except a f*****g dog and some sheeps in the background.. ;)

    stu is driving the tank for us :)

    Thursday, 22th

    on top of an AS-90 to place a mic

    my view while recording the AS-90

    the AS-90 is leaving and we recording the depart

    the next one is coming in

    a walk around the setup for the MLRS engine recording

    uk_force is leaving... ;)

    special smoke launchers? not needed! ;)

    Friday, 23th

    HET incoming

    [R-DEV]strima is driving the jackal away...

    ...and the Springer to the recording place

    the Husky with his space doors.. ;)

    the Mastiff 2 is entering the location

    the end, he´s done... ;)

    c ya next time


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