Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Yo, just got back from Bovington, the others have given a pretty good rundown of whats been happening, so I'm just going to add whats been missing, pictures! The British Army does a lot of things well, but unfortunately fast free internet doesen't seem to be one of them. So until the rest of the guys get back into the real world, heres whats been happening. This is the Warrior we recorded first.

[R-DEV]Sofads Central Command. All the static mics were controlled from here, such as those in the picture above. Although this required power to run, and took a little longer to set up, virtually unlimited space and up to 8 stereo tracks meant it was well worth it. Sofad is a super chilled guy who is doing a great job and I'm confident we'll have got some good recordings from this setup.

Next we move onto our mobile recordist, the mysterious developer [NO-TAG]Tom. Born 'Reg Johnson' in 1978 he escaped a federal penitentiary after being wrongfully mistaken for convicted killer Ian Huntley. Today, still wanted by the government, he survives as a sonic bounty hunter, capturing anything that revs, roars, explodes or self destructs. If you have a problem, and no one else can help, he wont either, but he might record it.

Last but most certainly not least, we have [R-DEV]Jaymz and [R-DEV]Twisted Helix. Jaymz was in charge of the running of the recording. Through a large megaphone, his soothing Irish lilt graced the start of every take, on every microphone, all day, every day. You will be hearing it very soon. He also kept the notes, kept the driver happy and informed (one of the most important bits) as well as setting up mics, getting on the boom and recording inside the vehicles. He is also very slow at eating, and due to the standard military half hour being insufficient for his extensive ruminations, has yet to finish a whole meal. However, he is a top guy so I'll let him off. [R-DEV]Twisted Helix, huge excitable Scot, says fuck a lot, runs around a lot when excited, all round excellent guy. Once everything else was set up, his main task was running the Zoom mobile recorder (in the above photo)) making sure it got everywhere it needed to be, be it the inside of a Trojan, or to record a challenger crew arguing about how to put a round in the barrel. Priceless. Expect a lot more good stuff from him later in the week.

This is the night fire exercise that we recorded the 30mm cannon on. It was incredibly wet and windy, so Tom and Rob were unleashed with their mobile recorders and lurked about in the dark looking for tight sonic angles. After everyone finished recording I chucked the camera on one of their tripods and managed to get this picture in the gale.

Finally, this is a lucky picture I got of the Challenger 2 firing its main gun this morning. Yes, it is really loud....


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  1. Great last picture, Drav! (mind you, they're ALL great! ;))

    Btw, lol at Sofad's "central command" :D.

    So excited about this project! It's just really great to see a mod team just do this, really... really... bloody well done, lads!