Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Day 2 in the Project Reality House !!

Well it's just gone Midnight, and I am finally showered and home. Long days are now the norm, and they are flying by, with lots being done.

You would already think the team have been together for years, everything is running smoothly, and everyone is getting on together like best pals, which is a real bonus.

With some very good results so far, and being ahead of schedule, we may even have time for some bonus recordings if all goes to plan. I have even managed to make up flasks of coffee and tea at 0600, with my eyes half open !!

At this point I have to mention that unfortunatley the team have come to a unanimous decision that [R-DEV]Twisited Helix will never become a "Rommel", after watching him and [R-DEV]Jaymz on the CR2 Crew simulator destroy a freindly Callsign, and show no mercy at all. [R-DEV]sofad on the other hand (Herr Efficient), passed the CR2 Gunners test with ease. What it did show however to all the team was the fact that doing it for "real" is a little tougher than sat behind a PC on an FPS game !!

Quotes of the day:

[R-DEV]sofad after the recording of the Trojan:

"What a Monster ..... That will be my ringtone"

[R-DEV]Twisted Helix, during the Live fire shoot:

"Thats ..... like .....LOUD"

[R-DEV]drav after the night shoot had finished (22.40)

Do you think we can get a beer still ?

[R-DEV]Jaymz all day long:

This is (vehicle) .. start / stop idle ..... ACTION

I must admit the guys got their own back though, as I was the "chosen one" to be the actor for the foot sounds, and ended up walking and running, on Gravel / Tarmac and heather/long grass ...... they then decided they wanted a recording of this with me "crawling through the grass" .......... Thanks lads !!

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the week.



  1. I do hope you will get extra time on recording other types of weapons, what "other" weapons are availabe?



  2. Chain Gun done, gpmg done, 30mm done, 120mm done.

    I even managed to get some C8's and Sig pistols today !!

  3. Cool, looking forward into hearing them :)