Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Sifting through the sands

Well .... finally back at home. Gone from 35 degrees C, to 15 degrees C .... sunshine to rain ... but that's Scotland for you. Sitting now waiting on the hard drive to arrive, been organising all the photos and video ... and planning a last little blog.

But what is there to say ? Sofad seems to have pretty much said it all (a picture speaks a thousand words, and a video even more ) ! Well I suppose I can leave with the heartfelt thanks that all of us feel, towards everyone down in Dorset who made our trip go smoothly. Most of all ... miss all you guys already, it was great to meet each other in the flesh.

Stan, Stu and Craig ... you are a top geezers, thanks so much for arranging and putting space aside for us. Craig especially ... there was no end of behind the scenes management that so many forget. Well we won't.

To all the engineers down at Bovington ... thanks so much for being patient with us getting in your way, and for driving those beasts for us. Hope you had as much fun as we did.

To Mick, thanks so much for the lend of the Zoom ... it was totally invaluable, and stunningly good for such an unobtrusive bit of kit. We captured stuff with that which would have been impossible otherwise (like 2 soldiers arguing how to close the breach on the Cr2 main gun ... there will be an outakes reel !).

Sid, cheers for a long long stretch in the hot sun (someone buy him a drink !) ... and helping us through our busiest day. Despite the Jack hammer , the concrete saw and the genny ... we made it through !

Thanks to Mark from BIA, for hanging out with us and showing us VBS and generally just making the trip a fun laugh. Was great to meet you, and look forward to further ventures.

And everyone else who made this trip possible, a big thanks.

And last and not least ... thanks to our team. I have to say I was thoroughly impressed at our professionalism, on day 1 morning 1 we had already clicked and the first listen back was very impressive. By the end of the week we were flying through the recordings like a well oiled machine. A testament to everyone's skill and ability.

So finally .... I leave you with a parting video, and some photos. Enjoy. Because we sure as hell did.

[R-DEV] Twisted Helix

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